🌞 Epigram's LSD Blotter ⚡ IN – IN ⚡ Official reseller ✷ 1 Year Anniversary Trip writing competition ✷

Hello Guys and Girls!

Hope everyone is doing great.

We announce /u/casfishpulse as the winner of our previous trip writing competition which was during dread downtime and did not go through as expected! But still our lovely psychonauts posted some interesting reads on the Sub.

You can find the amazing Post by /u/casfishpulse Here post/148614a8febc8c6e9502

Casfishpulse will be given 10x epigram 100ug New Sunshine LSD As the Prize

And we are happy to announce we are ‘official reseller for Epigram’ For India

For new trip writing competition , just post your Beatiful experiences on the Beautiful epigram LSD on the Subdread /d/LSD.

Total 3 winner will be picked.

1st Prize : 25x Epigram Tabs

2nd Prize : 15x Epigram Tabs

3rd Prize : 10x Epigram tabs

Happily waiting for some good reads on the beautiful molecule

And we are completely stocked up On lsd Blotters and bulk landrace

Cali import Buds and Classic Charas from Himalayas will be in stock soon!

Market listings will be up on abacus market : FLORIST from thursday!!

*Epigram New Sunshine LSD 98% pure 100ug WoW blotters*






10x = 3500 (350/tab)

25x = 8500 (340/tab)

50x = 15000 (300/tab)

100x = 28000 (280/tab)

200x = 54000 (270/tab)

500x = 125000 (250/tab)

1000x = 220000 (220/tab)

*Epigram LoveLight LSD 100Ug wow Blotters*




10x = 3200 (320/tab)

25x = 7500 (300/tab)

50x = 14000 (280/tab)

100x = 25000 (250/tab)

200x = 46000 (230/tab)

500x = 100000 (200/tab)

1000x = 190000 (190/tab)

Shillong Landrace BULK only (will take upto 7 days from day of ordering)

With stem

500 Grams = 18500

1KG = 28500

Without stems

500Grams = 21000

1kg = 35000

Happy tripping , Stay hyderated.

Thank you



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