1000mics Trip report

Greetings to all the fellow community members.
I hope you are all doing well, I pray for your strength and power.
I have speculated a lot lately about my preparations of myself for my 100mics trip.
This Is a warning and a cautionary post for everyone.
I choose to drop 7x 150mcg Moonstones by /u/psynade
There was lot of work put into this trip, work that needs dedication of pure mental strength.
My intention was to conquer my inner self for which I can tell that I had partially achieved to do so.
I went into the deep roots of where i come from, I know I came from nothing and I am nothing.
I found how this all was created out of nothing and whatever we do doesn’t really matter.
I took the tabs at around 04:30 AM
Before dropping them I had done the rituals. Took the Almighty blessings.
Read few lines from Bhagavad Gita.
Before Taking in the tabs I went no fap for 2 weeks. And I had fasted for 24hours on Friday and Saturday, No water.
Non violence is the way to go my people.
I am nothing, I am shit, I am selfish, I indulge in depraved things for senses gratification.
At around 05:10 AM I can feel the Acid kick in, I played Vishnu Sahasranamam I was a 30mins Prayer. I woke up along with the Gods and the Devils, I bowed and Greeted them.
I was experiencing how all the was created created out of nothing. They talked to me that one needs to awake oneself to know one self.
What we all search for not somewhere else, not in Manali, Not in Goa not elsewhere. It is within YOU.
There is no ME. I am nothing.
I went into the deepest part of my own self, It was a very fearful dreadful place it was full of skulls and bones. I had the courage to face them, I saw how beautiful I am in spite of my ugliness. I am just a HUMAN after all bone and flesh. I need not be ashamed of myself. Yes there was trip sitter, my friend and I kissed him, The kiss was an expression of pure love and compassion. It did not feel weird at all. Man, Woman, Black or White nothing really matters.
I saw the most intense symmetrical patters that seemed out of this world, Like just how god had made it.
I am the Alpha and the Omega and I am LOVE.
Thank you /u/psynade for providing me with the most spiritual blot ever.
I advise each and everyone of you to be careful with higher doses it is not for everyone. You think you might be ready for it but trust me things can go pretty wrong.
Thank you everyone.
Yours Psychedelic Lover.

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