Best sealth from Eu to AUS

hello I would like feedback from customers or sellers to improve my sealth to have a good success rate from Europe to Australia If anyone has any ideas and can advise me how to increase my success rate with mdma, coca, keta…. With pleasure thanks comunauty you can send me PM if you want 🙂

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Is ozbabe all good?

Hello fellow gronks, I ordered from /u/ozbabe on the 4th on abacus and my order was accepted but not marked as shipped nor was the tracking sent out. According to abacus they were last online on the 5th which is a little unusual for them. I’ve messaged them on abacus with no luck and I’ve … Read more

XMPP Servers

Are there any XMPP servers that allow either anonymous sign up or sign up via Tor? I had a look in the Bible and found a link pointing towards Reddit. I am not going anywhere near that place. What are the best servers to use for activities that we take part in here? Thanks =)