Is anyone else sick of the bs?

I’m sick of people being cunts to each other over superficial differences like colour of skin, religion or sexuality. We aren’t America. We don’t get divisive culture wars BS shoved down our throats every day because the political leaders want us to fight each other over BS so we don’t fight them. If you see … Read more

🇷🇷[#New Update] Bolivian Cocaine Now In Stock![Ca-Ca]

NEWS/UPDATES 2022-10-09 – Stocking Bolivian Cociane from now on. – New products have just been added: Afghan Heroin, Mexican Cartel Meth, Medium Heat Cocaine – New reseller friendly pricing. – ALL Cocaine realted items have a new lower price – More updates to come PRODUCT LIST High Heat Cocaine: 1g $100 / 1.75g $150 / … Read more