Multiple tabs open on TOR

Hi everyone! I was reading through OpSec, and I didn’t really understand something: They recommend not have multiple tabs open Especially not between dread/markets/etc. Is this really important? And is it even not recommendable to have multiple tabs of Dread open at the samen time? Hope to get a little more info on this, thank … Read more

Giving LSD to the homeless

Recently I went a little overboard on purchasing acid from different vendors (TheScotchShop,Mrsillycybin,FiveEyeGuys) and have a bit of a hefty stash atm and was looking to give back to the community. Recently in my area there‚Äôs been an abundance of homeless people (some young, some old), and, personally, I think it would be really cool … Read more

WallStreetBet: CW Review 1 (2 orders. 1 listing. 2 different products)

-=Vendor Review=- ghettoblaster212 VENDORNAME PRODUCT MARKET wallstreetbet. *This is the first review of the china white f1000. The second review I will be doing is my second order of the cw. It’s the same listing, but I received a different product. I am doing a review on each.* China White Heroin F1000 Bohemia PRODUCT DETAILS … Read more