7pm est. dumps … Btc ???

Why does it always seem like a large red candle occurs at 7pm eastern standard time? It almost never seems to fail.
I feel 7am it also makes moves too.

Is there some kind of correlation to a closing of some sort ? Possibly companies that are involved and are closing up for the day. Cause I know crypto is 24/7, but it seems these times are very much the times shit hits the fan.

I have begun to dread this time of day when I see it on the clock. Hatred for the 7 hour….. the witching hour has moved my friends.

Any who, if anyone has a good explanation I would really appreciate the effort and maybe I won’t hate it soo much.

Good luck to everyone and hodl or sell , whatever the hell you wanna do.

Someday we will look back at these
Times and miss all the excitement we once had in our lives. Maybe not lol

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