A noob’s list of the best VPNs

Alright everyone this is a tough topic because every VPN seems to have their ups and downs but as a noob I have done quite a bit of research, aka surfing through dread, but I feel like I have come up with a few good VPNs and some questions along with them

The reason I am making a post about this is because I would really like to see what other people’s experiences have been with these specific VPNs and if you have any other recommendations, so without further delay…

IVPN – I have seen this VPN listed very few times in posts on here but the few times I have seen it, the reviews have mostly been very positive and it is fairly cheap I believe there is an option to pay in cash although I have not checked it yet. It is stated that the company is “logless” but who knows if that is actually true

Perfect Privacy – Again I have seen this mentioned few times but mostly positive. It is a bit more expensive but not horrible for being secure. Also is supposedly ‘logless” but again who knows.

Mullvad – Now this is probably the most popular VPN I have seen because it is cheap, reliable, and supposedly secure. I have heard that Mullvad has been know to help authorities on occasion so I am a bit undecided on this. You can pay with crypto which is a large plus.

Make your own – This seems to be the best option. Buy a VPS, use OpenVPN and create your own VPN and share with others. Since you are creating it, a VPN company won’t be actively looking for TOR users, but this seems to be a pain to setup and especially for noobs such as myself, I am a bit worried that I will mess something up and make the connection even worse than it was in the first place, completely jeopardizing my situation.
btw the post that shows all the steps for setting this up:

These are the main 4 that I have seen with generally good overall ratings here on dread. Some of the info may be old so I am very interested in what anyone has to say about these. If you have another service that is superior, please say why you like it or if you don’t like any of these.

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