A woman who works on the same floor

I work in a shared office space. My firm splits a lease with 4 other firms. There are shared spaces for coffee and meetings. This place is very nice, I enjoy coming here for work.

My colleagues are a bit dull, they are like sheep – they do EVERYTHING together. They use to work for the competition, then our companies merged, now we all work together. I am the top performer, they resent me, but show me respect at work. I understand, I would probably feel the same if I were in their position. For this reason, we keep socializing at a minimum.

Thankfully, there are other people in the office to socialize with. There is a young woman named Rose who works for a PR agency. She is from Uganda. She’s very beautiful, has a unique accent, is very petite, extremely fit and dresses very well. She came across guarded and suspicious of me, when we first started chatting. But after a few discussions, she became disarmed and we became friendly. After a few months of friendship, she started loosening up, let her guard down and started sharing personal information.

One day she primed me for a fun night. She had mentioned that a good friend from overseas was relocating to our country, her name was Scarlett. Her friend had a very interesting life; she worked as a recording artist, had a few hits, but didn’t make it to mainstream success. Her career eventually faded, so she decided to become a physician. She intended to move to our country to practice medicine.

I remember the night we met, we were in a very trendy part of the city, full of beautiful people. We arrived at a tasteful spot, the room was dimly lit with candles, within a rustic pre-prohibition style decor. Scarlett entered the room with a tall, slim frame, athletic body, perfect skin, layered deep black hair and lighter colored eyes, that were warm and inviting. She wore a t-shirt with a pencil skirt. The t-shirt had an abstract graphic on the front. When she turned around, you saw images of hands over her back, giving the illusion that someone was hugging her, which I thought was very cool. Her inner beauty was even greater, it’s hard to explain, but I could feel how beautiful she was. Normally, when you’re in the presence of such beauty, making eye contact can be challenging, like staring directly into the sun. But Scarlett was different, she gave a vibe that was so chill. When you talked, she gave you this visceral look, as if there was no one else in the room. Sexual energy just oozed from her. I am no stranger to beautiful women, but I was completely mesmerized by the effect she had on me. She knew it too, but she was totally cool, she seemed very pleased that I was smitten by her. She kept us entertained for the remainder of the evening, with a few stories from her music career, including rendezvous with A-List celebrities and their strange behavior.

I had just moved into a new flat, a modern building on a high floor, including floor to ceiling windows with sweeping views of the city. I planned to throw a party once settled in. I invited my colleagues from work, a woman named Gabrielle who I was dating, a few of my mates including Rose and Scarlett. Once everyone got a bit lubricated with booze, Scarlett grabs me close and whispers in my ear, “Hey love, do you think you can get us some cocaine?” This was interesting, because we haven’t partied like that before. It was a bad idea, because of who was there, my lady friend was not hip to drugs and I wasn’t sure about the others. But no man in my position could possibly refuse this woman.

I had a big bag of coke in my flat within 30 minutes of the request. We periodically visited the toilet to ‘powder our nose’. The party was cool, we were still able to maintain an acceptable level of decorum, but one of my colleagues from work was on to us. “Are you guys doing blow in the bathroom?” he asks. At that point my pupils were the size of flying saucers, so there was no point lying. I told him where the stash was hidden and my colleague joined the party. Scarlett got so lit she started singing; she gave the guests a private concert for 30 minutes. People in the room were almost brought to tears. Her voice was so beautiful, it made the hairs on your neck stand up immediately and your skin covered in goose bumps.

The party ended and Gabrielle was not too pleased with me. She was not use to seeing me out of character and I didn’t explain that I was doing cocaine. Gabrielle is just as hot as Scarlett, but not nearly as fun or give off the same vibe. So she left. I was left with Scarlett and Rose; I was at the end of my tank as far as energy was concerned. We had enough blow left over to kickstart the evening. Next thing I know, we are in my bedroom, overlooking the city, an absolutely perfect evening, with clear skies. I feel the two ladies reaching for my fitted polo shirt, they peel it off gently, and then start scanning my body with their hands, with their mouths open, as if they were waiting for this moment for a while. “You’re very hot [Sycophant], we were wondering what you had under there? You have an amazing body, we want you to share it with us.” The two ladies started undressing each other, then started kissing. You could tell they were familiar with each other, they had done this before. They then gestured for me to join in, I immediately gravitated towards Scarlett who started kissing my neck, while Rose gave a quixotic look that said, “I’m going to punish you with pleasure as soon as my friend is done with you.” The sex was otherworldly, these two women looked so god damn hot together. The cocaine ended up being a good move after all.

We woke up the next morning and fucked again, I came all over Scarlett’s face while Rose proceeded to lick the remaining cum off of Scarlett’s mouth. That was the most amazing night I had as a Batchelor. It hasn’t been beat.

I’m so glad my colleagues at work were such a bunch of boring cunts. If they weren’t I may not have become friends with Rose.

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