About my reviews..

I started writing reviews because i was buying drugs every month and I wanted to share kind words and put my creative writing to something useful.

Over time people would get in touch with me to sample their drugs in return for a review. I’ve genuinely never really been sent bad product so I have always done positive reviews.

Yes I’ve applied for free samples before. If someone makes a post looking for a reviewer I’ll be the first to show my interest. I enjoy writing reviews and some people enjoy reading them.

I’m sorry if someone’s ordered off the back off one of my reviews and their order wasn’t up to par. Things happen, things change ect. Also there’s no need to thank me if you’ve gotten fire product off the back of one of my reviews. It’s all done out of love and care.

I am looking in to stepping up my game and doing tests but until then expect more reviews and you either like them or you don’t. Either way stay safe and feel free to hit me up if you need anything!

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