Babaji Cartel Review. Hash.

Marketplace: T2D with Escrow.

Total Price & Quantity: $ 104 ~ 2Ts. On point quantity.

Shipping time: >5, <10.

Stealth: 7/10. Without revealing too much, it was and wasn’t pedestrian.

Product Quality: 7.5-8/10. Bit expensive as its not pure, and it’s noticeable.

Value for Money: 6.5-7/10.

Consistency: 7.5-8/10. Had ordered 2 Tolas. There was a difference in feel, and taste.

Babaji. Thanks for the product, it was decent for whats available right now. Your vendor shop is reliable, and I will order again soon. Please try to improve hash quality a bit, since you are charging premium $$$.

Order with confidence, I know I will.

/u/BABAJICARTEL dont mind my late review, you know I was away.

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