Basic security rules for beginners seeking help on buying from DNM’s

For the past couple of days if have seen several comments/post asking for help or guidance for buying from DNM’s, i have aswell received a couple of dm’s asking me to buy for them. So for you guys/gals learning to use Dark Net Markets here is a few (in my opinion) ground rules for staying safe and not getting scammed.

1. Never ever share your real name, adress, phone number or any other personal with anyone from the internet. Even if someone legitimate is helping you, dont even share your first name, (they also wouldnt need any of your information to teach you to buy from dnm”s)
2. Never have a stranger buy for you, first off they would have your information (as it is needed to make an order), and secondly they will 95% of the time just keep your money.
3. Strangers can help teach you to use DNM’s but still here you should be very carefull. For example dont use ur facebook to communicate and never, NEVER under any circumstances should you allow them remote accces to your device or accounts. I would adwise creating a discord burner account (new account that you only use for this) and there you can utilise screen sharing to get guided (When using screen sharing make sure you dont have anything else open that could show usernames or anything like that)
4. Lastly there is a bunch of guides on the internet including here on reddit that you can utilise to learn.

Please feel free to add any additional tips/rules for basic security. And if anyone has any further questions or need a guide to buying from the dark net feel free to message me. I cant help everyone and im not running a gift shop but i would be glad to help a couple of yall out so you feel comfortable using DNM’s.

Cheers to everyone on this sub and happy shopping.

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