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If you get arrested SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

Even if you think the conversation is irrelevant, don’t let them fall fool you into a false sense of security.

If they are being nice, they are buttering you up to fool or trick you

Don’t bring your mobile phone to pickup from post office, or if you are arrested at home don’t let them see you put in ya pin code. They might play “nice” and you go thru it to let you call someone or get number Write names and numbers, including lawyer on card and have it in wallet entire time.

Even for small amounts, the burden of proof is on them to prove you ordered it. Someone could be setting you up etc etc. Excuses you can think about later, when you are not under pressure.

Don’t let them lock you into any story. Not even a reasons or theories on why you went to pick up, or why someone might of sent it to you. NOTHING. Refused interview and call lawyer, make sure you don’t tell lawyer why you have been arrested, say “I don’t know really”. Incase the cops are listening on another line.

If you have been arrested, police automatically assume you are guilty. No one has ever talked themselves out of an arrest, so don’t make their job any easier.

Be polite and all you are obliged to say is your name and address. If you are pulled into an interview, say “under instruction from legal representative, I choose to not give an interview and say “NO COMMENT” to anything asked clearly.

Sometimes they might ask you a question at doorway of interview room, don’t fall for it. Most likely still rolling camera. No comment!!

Australian police are the real criminal organisation in Australia.

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