Bitcoin Needs To Find A Way To Be Accessible Without An Internet Connection For Security Of The Network And All Funds. What is the best solution?

Bitcoin Needs To Find A Way To Be Accessible Without An Internet Connection For True Security. It does not need to be a primary means of connection, but there needs to be a way Bitcoin can be accessed regardless of internet connection status for the best overall security of user funds.

Agree or disagree?

There are few bigger BTC advocates out there than me, and that’s why this point concerns me. People say the internet will never go down so Bitcoin can never go down…but there are reasons the saying “never say never” is so popular and frequently used.

We may not want it to, and it may not be likely, and it may never ever happen, but the internet could technically go down one day for an extended period of time (if governments wanted to make this happen) so isn’t it smart to plan for the worst and hope for the best- especially when it comes to your BTC/finances?

Just like how you can carry your real gold bars and diamonds with you IF you choose, you should be able to know your BTC is always accessible anywhere in the world at all times even in the event of an internet outage.

You could have many BTC, but it seems weird that the reality is right now you can’t use them in an emergency scenario that shuts down the internet/power grids. It would be so amazing to see this change.

If the internet were to blackout, how would you access your Bitcoin, or pay with BTC, or mine BTC, or run a node? Obviously, as much as I love BTC, you can’t access normal internet or even access the darknet or tor or anything else without any internet connections and this is always a small concern.

If there is a way to ensure bitcoin can still be accessible without internet at the moment, please share.

If there is not currently a way to ensure the Bitcoin Network remains alive and well without internet:

What do you think would be the best way to ensure Bitcoin’s network can never go down in the future?

What are the best solutions?

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