Canadian drops

Ive spent the last 8 months figuring the ins and outs of opening/funding/aging bank drops using scotia bank. in the process ive cashed out about 70k through various methods (paypal, loans, cheques etc) so im pretty confident with the quality of these drops.

I dont want to do fraud forever so i have decided turn my main focus to other projects now that i have lots of capital to work with. this still leaves me with a pile of high quality drops that will go to waste if there is no activity after a long while. Im looking to sell these to anyone who is interested.

Asking $400 for ones with debit card+pin, $250 for no debit. ive only got 8 with debit cards and 10 without. these are great for cheques in particular, ill throw in the method for cheques and some good psd templates with every order. I hope someone can find some use for these.

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