Chat GPT – Whats your usecase

wassup gangsters and librarians alike

been into gpt since november of last year and am extremely intrigued by it – so much so its been my primary motivation to get into coding and am currently learning python and the basics of ML / AGIs

just wanted to start a discussion primarily around what others have used it for in their day to days (dont dox nerds). Im really trying to figure out how I can implement it for profit so I can put the wrench down, but my mind seems overwhelmed w ideas as soon as its at my fingers.

https://w co m/watch?v=qbIk7-JPB2c&t=1s

Broke the link so i hope I stay legal. Its a really interesting video called “Sparks of AGI: early experiments with GPT-4” and goes over the functional differences of 3.5 to 4. Mad interesting.

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