Connection between Nightmare and Royal Market (?)

Long time lurker but just stumbled across something interesting by clicking on one of the suggested subs: /d/dreammarketxtreme

Interestingly /u/nightmaremarket has created this sub approx. 5 months ago (keeping mind that nightmare has exited in 2019)
The only moderator appointed to this sub is no other than Royal’s /u/De_Professor

It cannot be a coincidence that both /u/De_Professor ‘s account and the sub are both 5 months old so there is obviously some sort of connection between the two. My two cents are that Royal Market was supposed to be “Dream Market Xtreme” and that the current people behind Royal are the same as behind Nightmare.

This is NOT FUD in any way!! It’s just suspicious that an active market that is growing has ties to a major exit scam.

Edit: Has been covered 5 months ago here: /post/417c7c7780224c7bc0d9 – now I am more convinced than ever that Royal Market is just another poor attempt at an exit scam market (it is built on Eckmar too which they claim it is not xD)

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