Crypto Loan Scam


If you see anyone offering a Equso Crypto Loan Method I want to make it clear; you will be scammed. The site looks pretty legit and you will pass kyc verification and be approved for a loan. There’s a user on other forums advertising a “method” for $$$ and he is also the one who will bend you over. His handles are but not limited to: “Crypto Bad Boy”, “L3v3l47” and so on.

Equso site will have you pass kyc and it will clear in 30 minutes. Then they will require you to give a btc address from a wallet so they can see if you have the “required” amount of 17% of the loan you are asking for. Once they confirm this, you will be approved. To cash out your loan from the Equso site they only give you two options. Equso or Payoneer. In which they require that you think the wallet to the site using api and during this time they will take your account over and lock you out to withdrawal the 17% you had in there.

Just a warning to fellow fraudsters. It is a sad reality when you have the urge to screw over each other and it goes to show you do not have the intellect to play with the big boys. One of the main reasons for being in this game was being tired of getting bent over by the 1%. Example: Chase, BOA and Wells made of $6 BILLION dollars in just overdraft and Atm fees. That number came from everyday people like you and me.


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