DARKNET Is this going in the right direction?

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

As some of you might have seen it by now there is a fair bit of controversies going around with different market admins, their user’s/supporters. We are not here to take anyones side although we do stand with a few market’s which have served us well and helped us become whatever we are today.

This is just our opinion to everything that has been going around for the last few months within dread and other marketplaces.

Darknet is a place for user like us who cant do what we want to do on the clearnet. (Basically Absolute Freedom if done right). This place is known for its freedom of speech and freedom to do those things which are not allowed over the clearnet. This place was once created keeping these things in mind.

We as users of the dw have a responsibility to complete. This can only be completed if stick as a unit. No doubt there’s going to be competition/hate/rivalry. If its encouraged will result in our community getting separated and we will return to dust even tho some people did their best to keep everything together. We see most of the vendors have agreed not be bad mouthing other vendors and we have seen our community grow together. Ofcourse we do have competition but that is competing healthly. We do support each other as much as we can.

Coming back to whats been happening with market admins in the last couple of months. We are not here to take any name’s or accuse anyone of anything. What we have seen and realised is when there is a new market trying to enter the scene they get heavily dos attacks. This comes out of pure hate and jealousy. Some admins have collaborated together to shit tallk about other admins and hence the new market takes time grow its reputation. INSTEAD if all admins actually worked together with all security issues, etc etc. We understand that other market entering the scene is direct threat to the revenue of current existing markets as traffic might move.

All these fights not just get un-necessary attention from all the user’s but also LE. This our philosphy (They strike when you are the weakest). All this drama/conspiracy/defaming/faming is a weak point of our community.

What we are super positive about is if all the admins/vendors/users come together this space will be the strongest community. Remember we are all fighting for the same cause.

This is just our honest opinion.

Thanks again for reading. 🙂

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