depression ~ physical pain

Sometimes I’m so depressed. I feel it in my muscles and bones. It just hurts so much. My entire boy. The worst is knowing there is no reason to be depressed.

Reading the Quran. Praying on my mat. Ain’t helping shit. But it is okay. I’m going to finish the last paper work I have here and then I’m leaving with my savings off to the paradise (vacation). Hopefully time off will help me regain my strength. Inshallah 🕋☪🙏

Also to anyone wondering… I don’t feel bad all the time. It comes and goes. I just don’t know what should I do with my life. I’m sitting here. Confused. No one to help me. Only I can save myself from the suffering. I just need a little break I think. I just haven’t had yet the time. Constantly between those 4 walls. Need time to think about the life plan and need energy for it.

I don’t want this thread to be only negative, so to all people reading this: I wish you all a very nice day! Soon is the weekend! Don’t give up.

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