do I go pick my item at the postal office tomorrow?

Here they require you to put a mobile number with your name and address in your items because that is how they contact you when you recieve stuff.
They gave me a call yesterday, I couldn’t pick the phone so I called them myself today and asked why they called. They said item arrived, asked for my name, address and “the contact number written on the item”. I gave name address contact number. They ask me to wait on the phone and 3 minutes later they tell me they called because there was an item and they will call later about it. fine i closed the call.

thing is, the address on the item is fake. I moved from the place a long time ago. when asked for my address on the call the fake one is what I gave.

1 hour later they call again. they tell me theres a package under my contact. then they read my fake address to me once again and asked me to confirm the floor number. tf? they don’t deliver so why do they need a floor number now? I gave them the floor i lived in in the past. then they tell me I will need to come collect the item from the postal office. when asked what I need they say I only need myself and my id card.

seems suspicious. this is my first time. do I go collect or… are they setting me up? am i a fish?

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