Do you know what's in your bag ?

So lads, fellas and buddies the current fake K situation spurred on a thought.

How many of you test or wash/clean up your drugs before consumption. Most reagents are cheap to buy (cheaper if you mix your own) I found a top link on a search engine for an Australian ebay vendor so clearly it’s accessible.

Batches seem to change so frequently that you can’t be sure of what is what unless your testing that very bag. Example being a certain speed powder vendor a few months ago was the goods confirmed by multiple reagents and acetone washed a very nice yield. My most recent order confirmed amphetamine via marquis then methyl by Lieberman. I poured a solution of 2 grams of “amphetamine” and acetone into my vacuum Bucky only to see a few little crystals on my paper verified at 37mgs thanks to ashless filter paper. Realising I paid and finalised around $250 for 37mg of meth didn’t make me feel like you’d think buying drugs online should…ya know.

So yeah that’s it blokes how many or how often do you fellas check your gear ?



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