Does OS on host machine matter if livebooting from USB?

Newbie here (clearly).

Does the operating system on the machine you boot tails from matter from an opsec perspective?

ie. if you’re not ever really using the actual OS on the machine and it’s just a piece of hardware that happens to have macos or windows on it, does that matter?

Is one better than the other (arm based machines aside)? Is there any benefit to flashing a PC or Mac to run linux (to then never actually use)?

The DNM Bible says not to use windows or mac.

But then suggests buying a second hand computer instead.

But that computer would most likely have an OS already installed on it.

The following page talks about Linux distros.

Does this imply it’s better to boot Tails from a Linux machine vs. a PC?

Then in the Tails section it talks about buying a new laptop and suggests Windows.

See where it can be confusing?

If I had a spare intel based mac sitting around, provided I can get Tails to work on it, is that suitable? Or is there an opsec risk to running Tails on mac hardware and I should go buy a second hand PC?

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