Dymo 4xl not printing anything

I followed some steps DrJekyll posted and when I am typing in test to libreofficewrite and hitting print the printer is not doing anything. Anyone ran into this problem?

these are the steps

1. Go to Applications > System Tools > Settings.
2. Go to Devices > Printers > Add Printer. (Now it will start searching for printers)
3. Plug-in your DYMO Label Printer.
4. Select your DYMO Label Printer.
5. Click on the Settings symbol in the right corner of your Printer > Printing Details > Select from Database…
6. Go to Dymo > Dymo Label Printer.
7. Close windows.
8. Go to Applications > Office > Libre Office Writer.
9. Go to Format > Page > Page.
10. Change Width and Height to the exact size of your labels.
11. Set all Margins to 0.
12. Apply
13. Close setting window, and there you see your template.
14. Save the template to your persistence storage.
15. Enjoy and happy printing!

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