Easy bank hacks with codes [working 2021]

When entered in a form or API input field the codes access the internal database and can be used as command prompts.


Debug mode (enters database): debug_ret.Get

Activate account (approves account): status.user=active.by_email “email address” or status.user=active.by_client-id “client ID (which isthe string in the url when logged in)

Apply trade to account (adds trade and profit to balance): status.user=trade.by_client-id “client ID (which is the string in the url when logged in)”

View schedule, btc balance, etc: { “event”: [sequence], “data”: [scheduled-returns], “published_at”: [dates], “requestType”:GET”,}

This works on websites like Fidelity and BGF and other websites with older version chatbots. Easy to drain $1,000-$90,000 monthly.

Peace, WeatherX4

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