extracting bunenorphine fom transdermal patchs

I have a few of these and I’m tired of wearing the fucking things. I also don’t want the shit constantly blocking my receptor sites and doing nothing. I need to make room in those sites for more active chemicals, that actually do some work, instead of taking up space like American tourists at the Louvre.

I don’t really know what I’m doing, bar being extra careful. I took a 10mg patch, cut the adhesive edges off, and cut the matrix resivour in half an dumped them into 5mls of water.

I operated under the assumption that the shit I want from them is water soluble. Given time, I will have 10mg in 5mls.

Is it that simple to extract? Anything I’m doing wrong or anything else i should be doing.

I did this last night, an with about 0.25mls, slept like a log. woke up, took 0.3 mls and slept another good 5 hours.

Its tasteless, and I don’t wanna push my luck or waste my patches.

Does what I he done and the ‘results’ I’ve achieved sound about what i should expect.

For reference I as on 30’s for about 6 months, often wearing 2 at a time for a few das after putting a fresh one on. They lasted me longer than a week. hence why I have leftovers. the rest are all 30’s.

So I don’t wanna fuck up.

Any advice?

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