Goodbye High Priced MDMA, TripAdvisor is here! US Domestic MDMA as low as $15/g with Escrow! 100% Positive Rating, 3 Day Delivery


Vendor Name: /user?u=TripAdvisorDNM

Vendor Store: /vendor_store?u=TripAdvisorDNM

TRIPADVISOR IS HERE and that means you NEVER have to FE again or wait more than 3 days for your MDMA!

** We are proud to say that we already have a 100% positive rating on Alphabay with an average 3 day shipping time ***

High priced MDMA for US customers is now over! We are proud to present to you the return of affordable, wholesale MDMA prices, shipped USA Domestic and with 100% escrow. Current pricing is as follows:

1g – $35

3.5g – $110

7g – $198

14g – $356

28g – $640

112g – $2074

250g – $4360

500g – $8334

1KG – $15000

US Domestic priority shipping is $12 and nearly all our orders arrive in 3 days from the time you order.

All orders are held in escrow and we will NEVER ask you to finalize early.

We have imported the highest quality, dutch MDMA crystals directly from the labs in the Netherlands. This MDMA is completely pure and extremely strong and we encourage all customers to reagent test it and post the results!

We look forward to your business!

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