Hello! I´m new and trying to chargeback CC´s to start in the Business.. HELP

Hello, I am completely new to this world and I would like to learn all its possibilities in depth. I got into some big trouble and I have to get about 5k to get out of it ): maybe it’s not a lot of money but it is for me in my country

I have read that cloning chips is impossible in 2023. So what are you doing to stay in the “BUSINESS”?

I want to start with chargebacks, I have access to many people willing to work with me “stealing” their cards, spending them and reporting them to the bank to have chargebacks. I would do it with good OPSEC of course…

But I think that the bank does not validate the chargeback if they see that the CHIP and the PIN have been used in the transaction. What advice can you give me?

I have thought that it would be a good idea to “autoclone” the cards, go spend them and report them, but how would I do it if it is “impossible” to clone them? Or you can clone the magnetic stripe and make the transaction with it???

If it is a good idea, where can I learn to clone the cards? with what hardware and software? I suppose that with time I will learn more advanced methods to make money, but that’s how I want to start for now

Thank you very much for your help, I really have big problems and it is not easy to get that money quickly with regular work.


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