help! my newb ass has been sending $ from exchanges direct to DNM wallets

So, yeah, learning by trial and error, my friends. Everyone was here at some point!

The gist is in the title: I have been ignorantly buying crypto on common exchanges and sending directly from there to DNMs to purchase goods. Did not realize that I should be using something like Cake Wallet or another personal wallet in between.

The exchange I use has been sketched out on me, clearly. Deposits and withdraws coming “under review” constantly, things being denied etc.

The question is: how fucked am I, and how can I recover? I think the rest of my process is not totally stupid — I at least use a reputable VPN, PGP code everything, verify links etc, but damn this part of my game was bad because I just don’t give a shit about crypto or understand how tracing these things works.

Without being a total dick, please offer any helpful advice! Thanks a lot.

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