Hey people, good telegram opsec

I use verifywithsms.com to buy voip numbers for telegram, it usually works and is possible to pay with cryptos too.

Apart that I have zero knowledge on how to set up a good opsec to use telegram safely with tails. Anyone has a good tip?

I know that telegram it’s not safe by its nature but too much people use it to chat and idk any other messenger app to talk safely. I’m quiet a noob.

I only know wickr, signal and session.

Wickr and signal are less used but even if I wanted use them I would have the same problem I got with telegram, idk how to setup them on tails with a good opsec.

Session from what I understood it’s not safe anymore since they changed policy about how they share personal data user or something like that.

Again, I know telegram it’s shitif I want stay safe so anykind of suggestion would be appreciate, thanks 🙂

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