How can I become a vendor here? Please help!

Hi everyone,

I´m new to the darknet markets, I would like to become a vendor,I work in a border pharmacy and have the facility to help whoever needs of my assistence. I got several clients that ask for this service, insted of them coming down to buy in person, they pay and I bring their stuff and mail it domestic to them. I go way back when topix was active in the clear net, a lot of scammers on that site, vendors and buyers, I got scammed a couple of times with COD. Anyway I have the stock and knowlage to operate, but I don´t know how to start my business here. I would appreciate all the help I can get. Yesterday I went by the ASAP market, I saw some products I often sale, I know if I get the oportunity I could do something interesting around here.

I thank everyone in advance for your time and help.

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