How hot or low is my threat model ?

All my Darknet activity has top level opsec. Used Laptop bought in cash in a different state that runs linux os and on top of that I use surfshark vpn and then connect to whonix via virtualbox to use tor and my darknet activities. So im pretty safe there. However the cc i acquire have to be used on clearnet so I want to consult how is my opsec and is my threat model hot or low ?

I use pretty common sites on clearnet to purchase giftcards I spend no more than 50 – 100 $ per card on each site. Each purchase is made as a guest and the email to receive the giftcard code is from guerrilla mail which was accessed via darknet by the dn protocols mentioned above.

However the protocol to visit sites to buy giftcards is using Surfshark VPN and then using brave browser to access the site and purchase the giftcard. Each card i purchase is in a differrent session and I restart the brave browser and change vpn servers after each purchase and wait around 30 minute to an hour before making a second purchase ? Any ways to link multiple purchases of different amounts and through different vpn servers to me ? Or am I good ? Is my threat model low and no LE is gonna give a shit even if the cc owner reported the 50-100$ charge on a site ?

If you think my clearnet protocol is high threat model and i have bad opsec what do you suggest I should add on top of the current protocols to increase my clean net opsec

Note: The surfshark vpn was purchased in a different state using an email with burner phone number and public wifi and the payment was made via btc which was purchased using btc atm with no kyc and it is a 2 year plan so Im good for 1 year and 9 months in term of my VPN anonymity as it cant be tied to my real identity.

Also I sell the gift cards to a vendor immediately and he pays me in monero. And I transfer that monero 2 times in different monero wallets I created and then finally I transfer it to my main monero wallet.

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