I send my address to a busted dealer, my house is clean now, but what about the future?

I’m a small dealer sourcing my products from the DW. I bought some stuff from a vendor’s shop and two weeks after the site got seized and he/she is apparently busted. Never received the product so probably the vendor was already in custody when i placed the order.
Since then i cleaned my house, and kept a low profile.

That’s the first time that i found myself in this situation and i care about my opsec, so i want to know:
-what should/can i do now?
-do i have to wait to ship to my address again or do i have to ship somewhere else? I’m having trouble finding a trustworthy person and a safe spot where to ship
-is it gonna be safe again to ship to my address someday?
-i know it’s not really advised, but should/can i put a fake name on the package? In the building where i live names on the bell changes constantly so maybe nobody will get suspicious…


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