I sometimes sneak inside the bathroom and listen to others take a huge shit.

In school. I did this a couple of times, not intentionally, but I realized it’s actually pretty funny.

Situation usually goes like this:

Classmate goes to a bathroom.

Few minutes later, I go in as-well. We’ll either open the doors at the same time (nobody pisses for that long) or hes taking a huge dump, it’s not hard to figure out which task is happening. Nothing can go wrong. Or I just wait for someone to come in take a shit.

So I quietly sneak in, he doesn’t know it’s me. I sneak in one of the cabins and wait. Then I listen to the person take a shit. It’s so fucking funny. The person probably thinks nobody is inside the room (in Europe, we don’t have open bottoms) so I just listen to the other person doing “ughhhh, ahhhh, splash” 😀 😀 and then after some time, I do some noise, so the person knows he’s not alone. It’s the moment, the other person in the room goes completely silent and realizes someones inside the bathroom with him. It’s the power you have in that situation. I think this is so fucked up and that’s whats makes it funny. I cringe and laugh inside at the same time.

I then either leave or wait for the other person to leave. Depends if I hear flushing the toilet, toilet paper or his trousers. I then escape and act as if nothing happened. Then whenever you see the person, the memory comes up. Really funny. Some people I realized also leave after you leave and never before, I think it’s because they don’t want you to know it’s been them. Meanwhile you long time know it xD

HAHA. How fucked up is this?

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