I was able to get tor working before. Tried researching it for an hour just now. About:config changes are not helping me this time. Please help.

So I remember when I first setup up for on tails I had found a guide that I cannot for the life of me find again right now. Basically what was in that guide was showing me how to get tor to work on tails.

So basically it said type about:config. Click accept risk. Search for JavaScript. Under JavaScript enable change it from true to false. So I did those things and it still isn’t letting me go to duckduckgo or onion or whatever. I think I remember in that “first time using tales” guide I found before it said the turn javascript enabled to false thing BUT it I believe it may have said to change one other setting. Soooo that could be it if I’m remembering correctly.

I did try researching this both on Reddit threads and trying to find that guide I mention that helped me in the first place! All the reddit threads only mention the change JavaScript from true to false. And obviously I tried it several times.

So if you have any idea what I’m doing wrong please please lemme know. I know I’m probably missing something obvious but I’m not sure.

Thank you so much in advance. I really appreciate ya taking the time to help me out. It’s a bit frustrating sometimes.

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