I’m back! Would you guys be interested?

Wow. It’s been a while! Some of you may remember me from many years ago.

Hope everyone has been well.

So i’ve been reading about the recent busts and some vendors stealth has been horrendous. I’d love to help in getting all your supplies that you need to get your product safely to customers in IRL or DNM without risk. Obviously it’ll be much cheaper if you buy it yourself but i’m here to service those who care about their opspec and can’t get it any other way.

So i’m setting up shop again selling legal goods in the next few weeks.

All products have been bought by myself without a trace. Everything has been bought with cash in person or I have purchased a few things online with a drop debit card and to a drop address to add that extra OPSPEC even though they are legal goods.

I will mainly do custom orders for you. So if you need a certain type of mylar bag or certain size/specific empty bottle, CD case etc then I can order it for you to my drop address and then package it and get it shipped out to you.

If you guys need custom orders or certain items then shoot me a DM and I can order it for you and I’ll look into it for you. Obviously message me on a alias account so I dont know who you are. Don’t be silly and tell me your a vendor or msg me with a vendor account on here as that’s just silly OPSPEC. I don’t wanna know who you are.

I’ll be selling things such as Mylar bags, vacuum rolls, empty bottles, zip locks bags. etc etc.

But a lot of it will be custom as to keep stealth changing and not just the same shit so it keeps everyone guessing and I wont be able to stock EVERYTHING that everyone wants. But i’ll make sure i stock the essentials. Also happy to help with anyone who needs advice on stealth.

Would you guys be interested in such a service or would I just be wasting my time?

– E

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