Is it okay if I get a friend to buy Monero for me on my wallet adress?

So I can’t really buy Monero via cash due to living in a country without any vendors. I have this Italian friend of mine who might be willing to buy Monero for me. Here’s how it goes:

I give him my wallet adress

He buys Monero with his debit card or whatever method he wants to use from

The XMR he buys, gets transfered into my wallet since he wrote in my adress

I pay him back via Paypal or buy him something for that value

Does that sound good, or am I missing something? The XMR will be tracable to him, but he hasn’t done anything illegal and it does not lead back to me, right? They’ll just know that he just bought it using his debit card, but they won’t know what happened to XMR or whatever. Also I’m not sure if this matters but we’re not in the same country.

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