app phishing


I’m just floating this idea to see if anything comes of it…

It’s not a silly request to help with hacking instagram or something.

Line is a chat app common in Asia, and is used not just by everyday people but also official institutions like banks. I’m not interested in the money side, but I’m sure others will be.

I want to ask how feasible might it be to create a Line QR code or link that could be sent to a targeted account, with the intention to trick them into clicking on it, either because it’s some kind of health and safety alert or something similarly clickbaity.

The question is whether iphone 12 and later would allow an installation prompt, whether hidden or obfuscated or not, and then, whether an application installed with user permission would be able to get access (probably via innocuous prompts) to chat apps, such as Line, Telegram, etc… and change block statuses to unblock accounts.

This is just one use case, and there are probably many other things that one would like thing like this to be able to change settings of, but I just pick one to see what people thing.

I recognise that Apple security is one of the highest walls to climb, so I’m only thinking of using psychology to get user to approve permission by thinking it’s no big deal, so a kind of social engineering.

I expect that there are some flaws with this idea that I haven’t considered, but I just wanted to put it out there to find out what they might be, before wasting any time on it.


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