Monero Deployment script

I sometimes code bots for crypto, and thought it might be helpful to drop this deployment script here. If you run this in any debian based vps, monero will be installed and setup, with the blockchain reduced in size, however i recommend a 100Gb vps from

To use this script type the following into an ssh session on the vps.


Now paste the following into the window and press control + x to save it

#Downloading and Setting up a wallet.
apt-get update
apt-get install tmux
mv linux64 linx64.tar
tar -xf linux64.tar
cd monero-x86_64-linux-gnu*
tmux new-session -d monerod  --prune-blockchain
tmux new-session -d monero-wallet-cli  --generate-new-wallet mywalletname #replace mywalletname with any name

Once the script is saved and you have exited nano, you will need to make the scruot executable. Type the following

chmod +

Now just edit the wallet name, and now run the script with

sudo ./

When finished you can use tmux to access your wallet using the following command:

tmux attach -t 1

when you are finished press control+b then d to detach without exiting the wallet. However If you was to replace the following line:

tmux new-session -d monerod  --prune-blockchain


tmux new-session -d monerod  --prune-blockchain --start-mining xmrwalletaddress #replace xmrwalletaddress with your xmr address.

The vps will start mining xmr for you, this might be useful but personally use this script, to deploy monero wallets to vps’s and attach bots to them in python.

If you would like to use a different server, which adds deniability but comes with risks you can remove the following

 tmux new-session -d monerod  --prune-blockchain 

and edit

 tmux new-session -d monero-wallet-cli  --generate-new-wallet mywalletname #replace mywalletname with any name 


 tmux new-session -d monero-wallet-cli --generate-new-wallet mywalletname #replace mywalletname with any name

This when executed will connect to a remote server instead of waiting for your blockchain to synchronise.

Contact me if you want to discus a custom project.

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