Multiple Accounts for one vendor??

I recently asked a question regarding vendors refusal to give out tracking information on orders. I was advised that I had posted in the wrong section of Dread and was told I should ask vendor related questions here.

Could someone please tell why some vendors have multiple accounts in a market under different names.

I maybe mistaken but when searching products the names of vendors are very similar ie SuperPharma, WorldPharma, TeamPharma, there is also the same photos for listing the same products, listed at the same prices and they all login at the same time, go on vacation at the same time. Given that the vendor bond is say $500 that would mean 4 accounts would cost $2000. These accounts exist in most if the big 8 DNM at present so $16000 in vendor bonds alone before you’ve even made a sell.

There must be some logic to it but I can’t figure out what

If anyone could shed some light on this for me, it would be of interest thanks.

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