My dad is a criminal

He’s washing money. And was quiet low key player until he discovered crypto and now he began using it. He has all these crypto cards and thinks our country will never catch him because all the crimes happen abroad and we are just small country in Eastern Europe.

Will it work out or no? Who knows. I doubt it. He keeps sending me pictures off private jets he flies in every week at least once. He says “I’m only spending my crypto money abroad hahaha” he still KYCed himself, so it’s just matter of time till the exchanges sends all the data to tax institute here?

Anyway… A bit annoying. I wonder what’s it gonna end like. My dad taught me how to pull the strings and launder money my entire life. He probably caused me trauma by letting me to meet with all these people he said “I really want to vomit every time I’m done talking to them” however he started getting greedy as he got older and started operating with digital cash and banks, not just paper money transactions. He let himself loose.

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