Nicotine vape ban – what’s your plan?

With the vape laws coming into force on Oct 1, I am keen to hear anyone’s thoughts on the matter.

Any nic vapers on here making dnm plans for the vape laws coming in 1 Oct? Are any domestic vendors thinking of nic eliquid supplying?

The new laws create an absolute mess, and yeah prescription is easy enough but docs aren’t prepared for the – supposedly only – 80,000 people who will require a nicotine prescription. Nor, are GPs being given the message that vaping is should be the first option when considering smokable tobacco cessation. I also imagine with, the super heightened, fines of $11 mil for businesses and $200,000 for personal importation means that nicotine disposables will disappear form local tobacconists.

Keen to hear what other vapers are planning/thinking with the impending changes.

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