OZBay – Ordered A-Grade , Received B Grade at best

No stranger to alot of the different coke vendors across aus, after seeing alot of good feedback about ozbay throught id pull the trigger on some A-Grade.
Received a few tiny pebbles with a little shine, the rest was a dull powder. EZ-Test brought up active cuts / paracetemol/aspirin.
Also noticed chopping out had some really hard tiny pebbles that skipped across the plate and were hard to crush.
Have contacted vendor but noticed a few others reporting not receiving A-grade. Hoping he can sort this out.

Did a few lines about 0.3g in total , slight numbness and a little alert but no euphoria or rush like the real stuff.

For 500 a g I’d expect what was stated in the description, uncut coke with a pearly shine.

Thought i would give you guys the heads up.

got some of AIP’s on the way (great communication so far) so will review once it lands.
Otherwise back to PWW for actual fishscale coke.


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