please help friends…………….

imma try and make this simple, questions

reason why i am asking is instead of using vpn,socks,VM,rdp,vps and others for fraud i was thinking if i could some how configure a non blacklisted proxy as well as install my browser of choice and then use this setup for my fraud activities, when i connect to my proxy it will only see the tor node so i will have this to fall back on if LE get past the proxy

i would love help please, again… i want to use tails before i connect to a clean proxy and then use a normal browser to then do fraud

1- when using tails is it possible to configure a proxy within tails to then be able to connect and vist sites that block tor nodes?

2- when using tails is it possible to download programs within tails, for an example, like chrome, firefox, tmac, mullvad and anything else?

3- if it is possible to download a browser of my choice, will i then configure my proxy in…

the browser itself


within the tails settings


within actual TOR browser

4- if i cannot install any browsers could i then use the tor browser itself with a proxy configured within it to conduct fraud? doubt it would work as i would have to lower the settings to safe or something

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