PLEASE HELP setting up/teaching how to use and access dark web PGP/GPG to make purchases.

Can someone PLEASE HELP ME. I’m new to this and need to figure out how to purchase from the darkwebb . I used to know how back in 2015 but with PGP/GPG now I’m SO confused. Looking for someone who can help me and walk me through what to do. I am willing to pay $ someone for their time. I need medicines on there that my insurance won’t cover anymore and are ridiculously expensive.
I have a 2020 MacBook Pro and am ready and willing to learn. Please message me directly or here and we can talk price for your education/teaching. Time is important because I’m almost out of my last supply of one of my medicines and will go into serious life threatening withdrawals (benzos) if I don’t receive some soon. Also my fiancé takes a medication for her mental health that’s just not affordable. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated. I hope to here from someone soon. Thanks!

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