Please help the boy!!

Hello friends, I hope you guys are all well!! Actually I’m a newbie at this, I’m not very good I’ve already been scammed but it’s normal in this you understand me.

The help that I come to ask the community is that you please help me, I have already been scammed, you will probably laugh but I know that in this community there are still good people although we do bad things,

Well I am addicted to a mobile game that I will give you more information if you are interested helping me my info is below, this mobile game accounts people sell between 4K plus US dollar.

This is the plan I had with the persons who scammed me:

1. Identify who is selling the mobile gaming accounts.

2. Contact the person who is selling and buy it with any credit card you have or PayPal etc.

3. when the account is already in your possession. You sell it to me and we do business with each other.

I can provide the list of people who are selling these mobile gaming accounts, you would be in charge of making the payment.

After the game account is in your possession you would change all the access information so that its owner does not enter the game account anymore, then when you receive my payment you will transferr the account to me.

Anyone who is interested and need more information. I will be eternally grateful.

please help out the boy

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