ProfessorsEmporium expanding service to Canada! | LSD, Mushrooms, MDMA, 2C-B

Welcome To The Professors Emporium!

I am very excited to announce that we are now offering products to Canadian customers.

I am /u/enthusiast_of_lsd, and I’m a spokesperson for /u/ProfessorsEmporium.

We are currently vending in Canada on Archetyp (ProfEmporium), and Incognito (ProfessorsEmporium). For more information, please see /d/ProfessorsEmporium

We are focused on providing great support, communication, and high-quality products to all of our customers. We strongly believe in the healing power of psychedelic medicine.

We offer:

  • LSD (Coming soon)

  • 2C-B

  • MDMA

  • Mushrooms

We ship from CANADA to CANADA with expected shipping times between 1-3 days for XPressPost and 1-10 days for Regular Parcel.

In the case of any issues that may arise, we are happy and open to discussions which will lead to a solution quickly, avoiding the headache of an on-market dispute situation.

We are always eager to hear any feedback. Help us be the best! If you do place an order, please leave a review on our sub and on /d/Reviews, as well as /d/DNMCanada for the benefit of other potential customers.

RECON: (onion)/vendor/0xA2D5EE8430138D55P

Note: Although I am a moderator of this sub, this is by no means an endorsement by the moderators or the sub as a whole.

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