Quality fraud specific markets and forums

Please feel free to comment suggestions, we can build a good list here for the community


Russianmarket dot to

Phish as service

strox dot su (potentially backdoored)

Robin Banks (I don’t have the updated link)

NKP (I don’t have the updated link)

EvilProxy (I don’t have the link)

Fraud specific forums

I have yet to find a solid forum, exploit and xss are more geared to hacking.

Spam Tools

freshtools dot net

olux dot to

Spamtools dot nl (good residential RDP)

privatealps dot net (Solid VPS RDP, can use socks for this one, feel free to use my promo code for discount K245F8J0FP )


verif dot tools

Lookup Site

just-kill dot pro

fullzinfo dot info (fullz, google voice, drops/accounts, scans)

Please submit you suggestions for everyone to review

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