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Hey everyone

I love hash, and I move a lot of hash in my home state. Mostly Moroccan hash or stuff made domestically. However my favorite to smoke, and the one my customers love the most, is a traditional charas from north India we’re told. However, we only have access to this one, and it costs quite a bit, though it is lovely. I have found nobody else on the markets who will ship to North America.

My first question: anyone here know of someone who can ship to NA, who has access to various charas from different villages, and who will either give me a good price or give me really good shit?

My other question: I have the opportunity to go to Himachal this year, and I really want to. Is it out of the question that I would be able to meet suppliers this way? A friend from there would be hooking me up with a companion/guide/translator, but I understand its a reasonably tourist friendly region.

If I do go, and I acquire some amount of charas, how difficult is it to move the charas out of the villages and back to Delhi, where I would be sending it via fed-ex?

Thanks for any advice

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