rate my opsec

This opsec is for carding, this post is similar to one i made in the past but more updated. I didnt know what sub to post this in, opsec seems better. If you could please rate my opsec or tell me what i can add/remove, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

(keep in mind everything here is to give me better security, not to help my transaction go through. also id rather not use any vpns in my opsec due to log saving)

Burner Laptop > Encrypted disk using vercrypt > qubes > Windows 10 vm > Windows 10 RDP > change mac address > DNS flush > Linken Shpere to hide finger print and change user agent > socks5 > check leaks (DNS leak, webRTC leak) after carding is done clean cookies and history with ccleaner and delete windows logs.

little question, would this opsec be okay if im doing it all from home?

If i made any mistake, let me know. I would rather learn my mistakes in here than jail

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