Reselling Vendor

Hi guys,

New alias account.

Wanting to get back into the scene as covid hitting pretty hard with income. Have vended before and still have an account on vacation on the markets.

Thinking about buying other vendors goods in bulk and reselling. I don’t wanna be big time but just make a few extra bucks. Wanna keep it small cause i prided myself on customer service. More orders = less time for proper stealth and comms.

I don’t wanna be doing a sneaky and doing it without the vendors knowledge obviously. Any vendors on here willing to work with me? I wanna be transparent as i can in this business with the guys who are already in it so i’m not gonna be a shady cunt and just buy your shit and resell it without your approval.

I’d rather a slow seller with good profit as i’d rather not spend 3 hours packing orders 50 orders. Happy with less than 10 or so orders a day.

Also, don’t wanna go risk getting shit from overseas so going the domestic route which is safer but less $$ obviously. But as i said just after a few bucks.

Oh, I’ve also considered shrooms? Is this profitable? Can anyone or vendors vouch?

And i don’t want to be selling any hard drugs like meth, herion.

If anyone genuine vendor is keen send me a DM. Don’t bother msging if your some random cunt that has never been present on any market and obsvious scam. If all is good i’m happy to tell you my vendor name and market and can msg you to confirm. Most old school vendors who were on Empire would probably know me.

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